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Happy birthday to the pioneer of business communications

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Pioneers have been defined as those who open up new areas of thought or development. Few deserve this title as much as Sir Timothy “Tim” Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web. Being that it is his birthday today, we thought it only right to commemorate this with a look at how this man has changed society and helped in the development of business communications today.

Unlike many of today’s fat-cat corporations, Tim made his ideas freely available to the public, taking out no patents nor asking for royalties. Instead the launch of the first website in August 1991 provided visitors with the information they needed to create their own websites. Tim wanted his ideas to be used and adopted by anyone and everyone.

As if it was a member of the family, many have watched the World Wide Web grow in their business and personal lives, until surprisingly it has come of age. Only now can we really look back and see the major impact it has had on our lives and society.

Communication is key! The web opened up business communication channels that were previously not even considered possible. It removed limitations and made two-way communications possible on a worldwide scale.

Sir Timothy’s business communication pioneering has paved the way for a power shift from large corporate organisations to businesses of all sizes. It’s changed the face of business and commerce and continues to drive forward innovation.

Consider shopping. Think how differently we all shop now. You can find anything you want at the click of a button, and make sure you get it for the cheapest price and delivered to your door! Last year even saw online commerce taking over long-standing traditions of Christmas Day! But seriously, the web completely changed the way customers and retailers work, the way they sell and buy products. Now even the smallest retailer in the most obscure or remote location can reach their potential customers with the help of a website.

Now there is also people power, where everybody is able to have their voice heard, and the collective voice of many can have an amazing impact on business and the social climate.

Social media, the likes of Twitter and Facebook, would not be possible without the invention of the World Wide Web. These forms of media allow such great connection between consumers and companies but also between people and people. You only have to look at the power of Word of Mouth marketing to see this.

It’s clear that the World Wide Web has completely revolutionised the way we live and operate today. If we are struggling to answer a question, or need instructions on how to do something, all we need to do is click a few buttons – the knowledge is at our fingertips. Knowledge is power, and never before have we had access to so much.

What ideal birthday gift could you possibly buy the pioneer of 21st century business communication?  We’re not sure, but one thing we do know for certain, you’re sure to find it somewhere on the Internet.

Happy Birthday, Tim!

– Helen Reinson, digital marketing consultant, Forsyth Websper

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Happy birthday to the pioneer of business communications

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