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Newsletters are not dead

Posted on November 29th, by admin in News. No Comments

The received wisdom seems to be that B2B marketing has to be done electronically and that print is largely defunct. That’s not our view.

We recently published a newsletter for clients and prospects of one of our main clients, the sustainability consulting firm Two Tomorrows. Vision is an occasional, eight-page publication that helps Two Tomorrows build awareness of its expertise and its full range of services.

Despite the digital revolution, we still find that people like to have a tangible, printed document to leaf through (though we do also provide a PDF version on the Two Tomorrows website). Vision is well received and – importantly – it generates leads. It could even be that its success comes not in spite of the digital revolution but because of it. These days, certainly in a work setting, it can be a refreshing change to be looking at something in print rather than scrolling through yet another email or web page. Maybe the words and pictures have all the more impact.

The humble newsletter is a marcomms tactic that still has plenty of life left in it.

View the PDF version of Vision on the Two Tomorrows website

– Paul Johnson, writer and editor


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