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A versatile and proven team of marketing professionals

All of us in the Forsyth Websper team are experts in our chosen fields and have strong track records working with big brands across industries.
As a bunch, we like to think we’re friendly, versatile and unpretentious.

We also call on our network of partners: talented graphic designers, web developers, photographers, market researchers, social media experts,
copywriters, event and video producers – even jugglers and acrobats should the occasion arise.

Meet the core team . . .

  Nicki Websper

Director and marketing & strategy consultant

Drawing upon my extensive marketing experience client-side, I thrive on using my expertise to help ambitious companies build their brands and move their market position forward
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  Penny Adair

Senior PR consultant

I’m wedded to my laptop and phone, two vital ingredients for a PR. As well as advising clients on their PR strategy, I put it into action as a crafter of words and messages
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Rose Arroyo

Telemarketing consultant

Forget scripted, robotic, one-sided calls from call centre operatives – good telemarketing is all about building rapport and creating a relationship
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Alan Baker

Finance & strategy consultant

Financial leadership separates the best-performing organisations from the rest. I love to help companies realise their ambitions through clear understanding of the strategic environment
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  Helen Reinson

Digital marketing consultant

I provide marketing consultancy and specialise in digital tools and techniques. This is an exciting time to be in business given the frenetic pace of change in the technical world; it can be breathtaking
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  Robert Fenner

Writer & editor

Hello there, everybody. I write copy. In three-word sentences. (Allowing for hyphens.) I write websites. I write collateral. Articles and whatnot. Long copy, mostly.
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Rachel Head

HR & strategy consultant

Bill Clinton, King Arthur, Rafael Nadal – an inspirational trio from past and present who I’d choose as guests at my ultimate dinner party. We can learn so much from great characters and leaders
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Rupert Janisch

PR consultant

I’m a qualified journalist with several years in newspapers, now applying my skills, experience and contacts to the world of PR and marketing communications
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  Paul Johnson

Writer, editor & web manager

I’m a versatile corporate writer with the knack of coming up with compelling content for websites, magazines, speeches, presentations, brochures, leaflets, reports . . . and more
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  Dom Shearn


Whether it’s a logo, interactive PDF or website, my principles since I began my career have been strong design, technical focus and execution on time and budget
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