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Puppets on a string? The reality of pop marketing

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27th March

It’s interesting to hear the views of 1960s pop star Sandie Shaw, who this week told a government committee that it’s easier for musicians from privileged backgrounds to prosper in today’s music industry.

Of course there are many cases of working-class musicians who have made it (and continue to make it) in the competitive world of pop. Adele and Dizzee Rascal, for example, show us that great talent knows no barriers.

But it’s certainly true that launching a successful music career now requires a great deal of marketing, PR and funding.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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14th February

Happy Valentine’s Day, Client. Yours, an Admirer.

Sorry, who is this?

You’re not meant to ask. It’s Valentines’ Day.

But I’m asking.

Oh, all right then. I’m the Agency.

And you’re doing what? Wishing me happy Valentine’s Day?



Because I, well, you know.


I love you, and stuff.

You love me? But you disagree with me all the time.

Not all the time. Just sometimes.

What about that time I asked you to focus on our USP, and you said no?

That was different.


It wasn’t a USP. We’ve been through this. Sometimes we’re right.


But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

Isn’t that a double negative? I thought you people were against that sort of thing.

You got me. Yes, OK. But I do. Really.



Well, if that’s the case, why did you push that last campaign idea so hard?

It was brilliant.

In what sense was it brilliant? Clever, yes. Witty, yes. But where was … Read More »

Newsletters are not dead

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29th November

The received wisdom seems to be that B2B marketing has to be done electronically and that print is largely defunct. That’s not our view.

We recently published a newsletter for clients and prospects of one of our main clients, the sustainability consulting firm Two Tomorrows. Vision is an occasional, eight-page publication that helps Two Tomorrows build awareness of its expertise and its full range of services.

Despite the digital revolution, we still find that people like to have a tangible, printed document to leaf through (though we do also provide a PDF version on the Two Tomorrows website). Vision is well received and – importantly – it generates leads. It could even be that its success comes not in spite of the digital revolution but because of it. These days, certainly in a work setting, it can be a refreshing change to … Read More »

Lifting lid on corporate sustainability

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8th November

Our client Two Tomorrows has just launched its latest Tomorrow’s Value Research. We’re proud to have been associated with this study of corporate sustainability practices for the ninth year in a row. It’s a way of demonstrating Two Tomorrows’ thought leadership in the field.

It does reveal some worrying trends among big companies, however – particularly that, in the drive for greater transparency, they are losing sight of the big sustainability picture. Collaborative efforts are needed to respond to the planet’s big sustainability challenges – from climate change to water scarcity and poverty to food insecurity. Yet companies are focusing narrowly on issues within their direct control. A radical rethink is needed in their sustainability management.

To help get these and other messages across, we ran a breakfast briefing with BusinessGreen at Southwark Cathedral. We had a full room and a very … Read More »

Sport is still a winner for big brands

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4th September

Swiss watch company Rado must have been counting their blessings after Andy Murray won the US Open the other night. Not only had their man won the final – thereby guaranteeing them exposure as his Rado-embraced wrist lifted the trophy aloft – but Murray was caught on camera talking to his team over doubts whether he had remembered to pack the watch in his racquet bag.

It was an unintentional mishap but one that has received widespread news coverage and has given Rado considerably more publicity than they would otherwise have expected.

News sources including the BBC and the Guardian have written articles about Murray’s expected commercial earnings from his first Grand Slam triumph – estimates suggest he will be in line for an additional £15 million in sponsorships and endorsements this year on the back of his victory.

It’s quite a remarkable … Read More »

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