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Newspapers – more than just fish-and-chip wrapping?

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30th August

Newspapers are past it. They’re less immediate than new media: you can’t access them anywhere, and they’re not real-time. They’re yesterday’s news.

But there are several great things about newspapers. The longer opinion articles, for instance. We read this sort of thing online – I do myself, on every Friday. But it’s so much easier, and more enjoyable, to read them in print.

And then there are all those things that new media simply can’t do . . .

You can put down a piece of newspaper to clean your shoes, and suddenly see an article you missed two weeks ago, and start reading it and forget you were, er, meant to be cleaning your shoes.

You can put newspaper pages under the carpet, for yourself or a new house-owner to discover 20 years from now, and marvel at. “What? Baked beans cost … Read More »

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