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Beware the Triple Dip

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26th April

0.3 per cent. In most people’s finances it’s not much of anything, a fraction of a fraction. Unless, that is, you’re talking about the GDP of the world’s sixth largest economy and the reputation of a government.

Thursday’s news that the UK economy has grown by 0.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2013 is no big shakes in terms of the nation’s finances. We all know the economy’s bumping along – shrinking a bit one quarter, growing a bit the next. Generally struggling to recover from the global banking meltdown which caused this mess in the first place.

But in terms of the credibility of the Chancellor and the Government, it’s big news and, following the loss of our AAA credit rating, you can bet George Osborne was mighty relieved to hear it. Watch his interviews following the news – … Read More »

Is it really all over for brand Armstrong?

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1st February

The Lance Armstrong doping scandal has been massive news in sport – one of the biggest global stars confessing to being a drugs cheat was depressing, if unsurprising, for cycling and its fans.

But for most who watched the Oprah Winfrey interview, the overriding impression was that it was all a little contrived, lacking in sincerity and with an agenda behind it.

So what was that agenda? Why did Armstrong choose now to confess?

Arguably, it was damage limitation. With the doping authorities circling above Armstrong and with the truth inevitably coming out, the damage to his global brand threatened to be crippling.

There’s more at stake here than the reputation of Armstrong the cyclist – after all most people have suspected his guilt for a while now.

There’s his Livestrong Foundation, which has generated more than $500 million of funds to support cancer sufferers … Read More »

How to perform in front of the media

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21st December

How do you perform when you’re in the spotlight so you come out unscathed at worst and – at best – a media star?

The problem is it’s the wrong question. Media interviews aren’t just about performance. There are two Ps that come before it. The second is practice. And the first, and most important, is preparation.

What makes a good press release?

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3rd December

There are several answers to this question. Some are blindingly obvious, and some less so. But since it would be wrong to make assumptions about people’s knowledge, I’m going to throw them all together in a list, and hope I neither patronise nor baffle anyone.

Sport is still a winner for big brands

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4th September

Swiss watch company Rado must have been counting their blessings after Andy Murray won the US Open the other night. Not only had their man won the final – thereby guaranteeing them exposure as his Rado-embraced wrist lifted the trophy aloft – but Murray was caught on camera talking to his team over doubts whether he had remembered to pack the watch in his racquet bag.

It was an unintentional mishap but one that has received widespread news coverage and has given Rado considerably more publicity than they would otherwise have expected.

News sources including the BBC and the Guardian have written articles about Murray’s expected commercial earnings from his first Grand Slam triumph – estimates suggest he will be in line for an additional £15 million in sponsorships and endorsements this year on the back of his victory.

It’s quite a remarkable … Read More »

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Beware the Triple Dip

0.3 per cent. In most people’s finances it’s not much of anything, a fraction of a fraction. Unless, that is, you’re talking about the...